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New Video a Powerful Sales Tool for Loran

Posted by: Rob Quincy on Friday 11, July 2014.

When Loran Associates searched for marketing companies in NJ, they needed an agency that could convincingly communicate who they are – a passionate designer/fabricator of custom trade show exhibits and interiors for the world’s top brands.

Tags: Marketing companies in NJ, video production

Google Launches Panda 4.0 and the Sound of Falling Rankings is Deafening

Posted by: Lynn Carhart on Friday 20, June 2014.

With the release of each new search algorithm Google has promised that high-quality, well-optimized sites would not suffer and, in fact, may benefit. In general “good” sites saw little to no impact. The recent rollout of Panda 4.0 seems to have delivered on Google’s promise.

Tags: Panda 4.0, full service advertising agency

Infographic: The Golden Age of Mobile

Posted by: Rob Quincy on Wednesday 14, May 2014.

We’ve written and spoken quite a bit recently about how integral a mobile website should be to your web design and marketing strategy, and recently discussed three methods for building mobile-ready sites on this blog. But if you’re still not convinced mobile is a good fit for your business, please read on…

What is Inbound Marketing Anyway?

Posted by: Rob Quincy on Wednesday 30, April 2014.

The term inbound marketing, originally coined by HubSpot’s Brian Halligan in 2005, and long employed by savvy brands and in-the-know marketing geeks, has more recently reached a tipping point toward mass adoption.

Results or Hype? Is Your PPC Advertising Delivering?

Posted by: Lynn Carhart on Friday 28, March 2014.

Just about anyone who is in business has received regular phone calls or e-mails from companies that promise “lots of traffic to your site ” and “first page rankings” with their pay per click advertising programs. They imply that you are missing out on a great advertising opportunity that only they can offer to you. They may even throw out some impressive numbers. But what are they really delivering?


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