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Results or Hype? Is Your PPC Advertising Delivering?

Posted by: Lynn Carhart on Friday 28, March 2014.

Just about anyone who is in business has received regular phone calls or e-mails from companies that promise “lots of traffic to your site ” and “first page rankings” with their pay per click advertising programs. They imply that you are missing out on a great advertising opportunity that only they can offer to you. They may even throw out some impressive numbers. But what are they really delivering?

Mobile Sites Are a Must, But There Are Options

Posted by: Rob Quincy on Friday 07, March 2014.

In our recent 10 Things to Watch in Web Design and Marketing article, we briefly mentioned the growing importance of having a mobile-specific website. This has long been the case for consumer-facing businesses, but it increasingly applies to web design and marketing for B2B companies as well.

10 Things to Watch in Web Design & Marketing in 2014...

Posted by: Rob Quincy on Tuesday 21, January 2014.

Looking back at the last year, it’s amazing how quickly the face of marketing changed in 12 months, and there will be as much change if not more in 2014. Here are the ten things that should be in your web design and marketing vocabulary, and quite possibly your plan, this year…

The Little Barn That Could

Posted by: Lynn Carhart on Wednesday 18, December 2013.

Marketing and advertising often call for looking at things a little differently and seeing things that other people might not. That is exactly what full service creative agency Ridge Marketing owners Rob and Andrea Quincy did when creating a new space for their team.

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Google Launches New Algorithm To Adapt to Changing User Needs and Styles

Posted by: Lynn Carhart on Thursday 05, December 2013.

As is its custom, Google quietly launched a new search algorithm in September but didn’t announce it until last week. Unlike recent updates like Panda and Penguin, this is a whole new algorithm that Google has dubbed “Hummingbird” because it is precise and fast. Panda and Penguin still exist, but are now part of the new algorithm.

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