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Today It's Official: Google Gives Preference to Mobile-Friendly Sites

Posted by: Lynn Carhart on April 21, 2015.

Google is now giving preference in search results to mobile-friendly websites, and mobile search rankings for those that aren’t mobile-friendly may suffer. The official statement from Google…

Why is Video Essential to Web Design and Marketing in 2015?

Posted by: Lynn Carhart on February 06, 2015.

According to Synadcast.com, by 2017 video will make up 74% of all Internet traffic. Because video is visual, auditory, and immersive, it allows viewers cut through the information clutter and understand and experience a topic quickly. Here are more reasons why it should be part of your web design and marketing strategy for 2015.

Tags: video production, web design and marketing, digital marketing nj

Google Loses to Yahoo, By Default

Posted by: Lynn Carhart on December 12, 2014.

Beginning this month, Firefox will no longer default to Google for searches. Mozilla and Yahoo announced a five-year partnership making Yahoo the search engine of choice for Firefox in the US, on both mobile and desktop.

Tags: marketing agencies nj, dynamic seo

Can Anything Replace Google Analytics for Marketing Agencies?

Posted by: Lynn Carhart on November 18, 2014.

I don’t know of a digital marketing agency or even anyone who is using an analytics program for their website who is not using Google Analytics. It is free, the interface is relatively easy to understand, and the majority of searches in the US are performed via Google so why not trust the source?

Tags: Google Analytics vs. Piwik, marketing agency analytics, web design and marketing

Is Your SEO Strategy Targeting Google or Bing and Yahoo?

Posted by: Lynn Carhart on October 09, 2014.

There is a question that has long been puzzling me regarding SERPS. If all search engines have access to the same information, why are search results so different? We have seen our site rank at #1 for a keyword on Google, but not rank or have a ranking in the 100s on Bing /Yahoo. And the reverse is true as well. Checking the search engines’ websites is not much help. They all go into detail about what their algorithm looks for and it is the same: useful and relevant content, good site speed, user-friendly design, accurate meta data, quality links and social involvement. Clearly that is not the whole picture. We delved a little deeper to find out how the algorithms differed for each search engine.

Tags: Google’s algorithm vs. Bing/Yahoo, full service advertising agency, SEO strategy


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