The Benefits of Infographics for Digital Marketing

As visual designers, it’s our responsibility to grab our audience’s attention and to present content to them in a way that’s easy to understand. Infographics — also referred to as data visualization or information design — are illustrations that organize complicated, statistics-heavy information into digestible visuals.  When the information is complex and data-driven, infographics are a compelling way to visually communicate, making them a digital marketing tool. Here’s why:

1. Infographics help grab people’s attention.

Today, most of us are content multitaskers. We’re consuming information from…

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Corporate Video Production for Ansell

Ridge Marketing Produces Heartfelt Video for Ansell

Ridge Marketing Produces Heartfelt Video for Ansell
By Rob Quincy | November 21, 2016

It finally happened. After three years of great collaboration with Ansell, the world leader in healthcare and industrial protection, we can finally show you our work.

It’s not that the previous work wasn’t up to snuff… our eight keynotes and on-site event videos and animations to date were shown on screens up to 15 meters wide in some pretty fancy locales in Carmel Valley, Budapest and Istanbul. But that was state-of-the-company, visionary stuff meant for Ansell leadership, not for public consumption.

This year, we were thrilled to be selected to write and produce the Ansell corporate video. The piece features a “passion for protection” theme, bringing to the fore the values that Ansell stand for as a company – innovation,…

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Meredith Mogensen, head of strategic strategery

Introducing Our New Strategic Thinker: Meredith Mogensen

Introducing Our New Strategic Thinker: Meredith Mogensen
By Rob Quincy | November 8, 2016

We’re happy to introduce the newest member of our full service marketing agency team, Meredith Mogensen, who joins Ridge as our Director of Marketing & Strategic Planning. In this role, Meredith tackles everything from discovery and messaging to content and search marketing.

Meredith brings extensive experience handling strategy and account management at big city ad agencies, where she worked on brands such as Proctor & Gamble, General Mills, BMW, L’Oreal, Aquafresh, Wendy’s and Panasonic. She has both B-to-B and B-to-C expertise, with experience in the beauty, automotive, food service, retail and packaged goods industries.

Inquisitive by nature and habitually logical in her thinking, Meredith truly enjoys getting to know…

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Why I Heart Designing with Grids

Grids – a series of intersecting vertical, horizontal, and angular guidelines – are often used to help structure content in graphic design, typography or web design.

The grid is like a design’s backbone – the invisible system that gives the visible layout its structure and holds everything in place.

Sounds straightforward enough, yet grids can be difficult or even scary for designers to embrace.

Why? We designers enjoy being in a field that allows our creativity to flourish. A grid system, on the other hand, is a series of straight lines that are precisely and accurately set in place.

This embodies some of the contradictions…

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digital marketing

Are You Converting? AdWords Cost per Acquisition Bidding Could Help

Creating a dynamic SEO strategy that works is vital to visibility on the web. Each client has unique needs and goals requiring a unique approach, including pay per click advertising. One of the things I appreciate about AdWords is the range of options for managing campaigns – you can control every aspect of it, allow it to be completely automatic, or choose somewhere in between. Choosing what will work really depends on the client and their goals.

Although some clients are advertising for visibility, most are looking for conversions (a download, a request for a demo, a purchase, etc.). The campaign only has ROI if those who click can be turned into customers. Manually adjusting bids…

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building better web marketing forms

Web Forms: 4 Tips to Make Yours Better

Web Forms: 4 Tips to Make Yours Better
By Freda Moore | July 5, 2016

Forms are a common component of web marketing – contact forms, whitepaper downloads, webinar signups, quote requests, the list goes on. But just because they’re common doesn’t mean they’re straightforward.

To get the most possible form completions (conversions) you can out of your web forms, it’s important to consider how they’re structured. Even small changes can increase your odds of getting a conversion.

Here are some tips for creating more effective forms, culled from our own experience in web marketing here in NJ and from our research:


1. Reduce the Number of Fields

No one really wants to fill out a form – what they want is the result they expect from filling it out, whether…

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