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Web Forms: 4 Tips to Make Yours Better

Web Forms: 4 Tips to Make Yours Better
By Freda Moore | July 5, 2016

Forms are a common component of web marketing – contact forms, whitepaper downloads, webinar signups, quote requests, the list goes on. But just because they’re common doesn’t mean they’re straightforward.

To get the most possible form completions (conversions) you can out of your web forms, it’s important to consider how they’re structured. Even small changes can increase your odds of getting a conversion.

Here are some tips for creating more effective forms, culled from our own experience in web marketing here in NJ and from our research:


1. Reduce the Number of Fields

No one really wants to fill out a form – what they want is the result they expect from filling it out, whether…

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Ridge Marketing | Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Is Your Content AMPed?

If you’ve been using a mobile device to search lately (and to be honest, who hasn’t?) you may have noticed the designation below at the bottom left corner of some results -

There is no explanation and the designation is vague which naturally leads to the question “What is AMP?”


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a Google backed open-source initiative to improve the mobile viewing experience. It is a web design framework to create content that will load quickly on any mobile device. According to Google,…

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digital marketing company tired from launching 3 web designs

It’s Been a Three Launch Week, and I’ve Been Workin’ Like a Dog…

The Beatles couldn’t have said it any better. After a week that’s seen three client websites go live, a video shoot here at the barn, the beginning stages of a product launch, design work on two additional client websites, and a few upgrades to our own site to boot… well, we feel like we’ve been working like a dog eight days a week. 

Digital marketing in New Jersey (or anywhere, to be fair) is hard work, but the results have been gratifying, particularly these website launches.

The actual launching of a new web design isn’t terribly complex – you test, fix, test again, backup the original, change the DNS to…

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7 Key Ingredients for Effective PPC Landing Pages

When it comes to achieving results (i.e., conversions) in digital marketing, the landing pages that you send your pay per click (PPC) advertising prospects to are every bit as important as the ads themselves. Like preparing a fine soufflé, there’s an art to mixing the right ingredients in the proper order to entice prospects to take a bite.

Chartbeat tracked 2 billion web visits some time ago and found that 55% of users spent fewer than 15 seconds on a web page. This is only amplified when they’re coming in cold from a digital ad – if they don’t quickly see what they’d hoped to…

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Game Changing Product Launch, Kyocera Product Video, Kyocera Product Collateral and eBrochure

Kyocera Taps Ridge Marketing for Game Changing Product Launch

When Kyocera Document Solutions began planning a high-profile global launch of their new line of multifunctional business printers last fall, they naturally chose longtime partner Ridge Marketing to make it happen. As a full service marketing firm, we have the capabilities needed to conceptualize, write and execute a multifaceted campaign across the web, print, video and events.

And as a longtime Kyocera marketing agency, we already had the clear understanding of their brand, voice and internal process needed to make a brand launch go smoothly.

Building around the concept of Game Changing Color, we created an email marketing campaign and banner ads to drum up interest in the new line ahead of the Kyocera road show…

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Non-Profs: Are Google Grants Part of Your Digital Marketing?

If you are an established non-profit, you’re most likely aware that Google gives away advertising every month. Through Google Grants, non-profits can receive up to $10,000 per month in AdWords text ads. If you really work the program you can apply for the GrantsPro program, which offers a $40,000 per month budget. That’s a lot of exposure with only the cost of managing the program as an expense.

Is Google doing this because they’re a socially conscious organization that wants to further the goals of non-profit organizations? Maybe. Are they doing it for the goodwill it generates? Possibly. Does the increased competition for keywords drive up average bid cost to Google’s benefit? Probably. Do they use it for a gigantic tax write…

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