5 Reasons Pinterest May Be Right For Your Business

By on August 6, 2012

Pinterest is currently the third most popular social network on the Web. If you haven’t done so already, you should start considering how your business can leverage its unique benefits.

Companies that make highly visual products like fashion, jewelry or makeup, will find it easier to connect with fellow pinners. However, there are many ways that other types of businesses can create a unique presence on Pinterest. Just remember that the key to success is to attract people through a compelling image and hold their attention with great content. Below are 5 circumstances in which Pinterest might be right for you:

  • If you’ve been writing ebooks
    Pin a great image for each ebook – not just a plain picture of words. Each pin should clearly state the title of the book and include an image or some other eye-catching graphics. Check out Smashing Magazine’s ebook board for some inspiration: http://pinterest.com/smashingmag/smashing-ebooks/
  • If you already have a blog
    Create a Pinterest board for each blog category on your site. Or, you can try some more creative things, too. For example, you can create a board with an Olympics theme or an upcoming holiday. Check out how HubSpot pins from their Inbound Marketing blog: http://pinterest.com/hubspot/blog-inbound-marketing/
  • If your customers LOVE your product
    Share pictures of your customers using your product in fun and/or unique ways. Not only will this encourage more interaction with your company, but your customers will actually be providing you with free testimonials and advertising. Woohoo! We couldn’t find any good examples of this right now but it would be a fantastic fit for a food product. Customers could be encouraged to create yummy recipes with the product and the company could re-pin the images and recipes to their own boards.
  • If you have an awesome company culture
    Share pictures of your staff and office. Choose pictures of your employees having fun together and images that highlight some of your strengths as a company. If your staff blogs, let each person have their own board where they can pin their posts, pictures and other things that relate to their job. Look at 1st Movement’s Company Culture Board to see what they pinned: http://pinterest.com/the1stmovement/our-culture/
  • If you offer desirable promotions
    If you like to offer frequent promotions, make a gorgeous, eye-catching image for each one and pin it! This is a great way to track just how much business you’re getting from Pinterest.

Do you follow any brands or businesses on Pinterest? We’d love to hear about any businesses that are using Pinterest in fun and creative ways. Comment below to share your favorites with us, or get in touch with us if you'd like assistance in getting started.


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