7 Key Ingredients for Effective PPC Landing Pages

Rob Quincy

By Rob Quincy on March 14, 2016

When it comes to achieving results (i.e., conversions) in digital marketing, the landing pages that you send your pay per click (PPC) advertising prospects to are every bit as important as the ads themselves. Like preparing a fine soufflé, there’s an art to mixing the right ingredients in the proper order to entice prospects to take a bite.

Chartbeat tracked 2 billion web visits some time ago and found that 55% of users spent fewer than 15 seconds on a web page. This is only amplified when they’re coming in cold from a digital ad – if they don’t quickly see what they’d hoped to find, they’re gone.

So how does a digital marketing master chef appeal to these picky taste buds? He or she whips up a fresh batch of ad-specific landing pages with these 7 key ingredients…

Ingredient #1

Don’t serve dinner in the kitchen sink…

Build Topic-Specific Landing Pages

Good marketing agencies know, however, there’s nothing more frustrating than clicking an ad only to land on a cluttered homepage listing every product or service under the sun. If what they’re looking for is the 7th bullet point on the right hand side, they probably won’t see it. People don’t have time to hunt through your content, so offer a custom page dedicated to addressing the need that led them to search in the first place. It’s a common misconception that leading ad prospects directly into a company’s beautiful new homepage – featuring a cornucopia of wonderful visuals and content – will generate leads.

Ingredient #2

This ain’t an all-you-can-eat buffet…

Keep Content Focused and to a Minimum

It’s best to keep copy and visuals succinct and to the point so you don’t overwhelm your prospects in the 15 seconds you have with them. Don’t make them think too hard. Address their needs and concerns up front, using the same language as your PPC ad, and lead them straight to the next steps.

Ingredient #3

Don’t let your menu overwhelm…

Offer One Primary Call to Action (CTA)

The next step you want them to take should be crystal clear and very prominent. Do you want them to fill out a form, pick up the phone, or download a free trial? Pick one primary action and make the entire flow of the page point them in that direction.

Ingredient #4

Not everyone’s ready for the fillet…

Offer Up a Secondary CTA

Downloading a free trial or requesting a consultation could be too-much-too-soon for some. So offer a secondary, less committal, CTA. Whitepapers or how-to articles offer value and only require a name and email address, rather a full contact form. Wouldn’t you rather be able to check in with prospects via email in the future than lose them forever?

Ingredient #5

Let them call ahead for reservations…

Include Thorough Contact Information

In a study conducted last year, Huff Marketing, KoMarketing and BuyerZone asked web users what causes them to leave a vendor website. 44% of respondents indicated “No Contact Information / Phone Number.” On top of that, 51% of respondents also indicated that thorough contact information was missing on most company websites. Not everyone wants to fill out a form so, come on people, include your contact info!

Ingredient #6

Mention your 5-star review…

Include a Credibility Play

So you think you’ve got the right solution to meet your prospect’s needs? What do your other customers or industry leaders have to say? Including a testimonial or two, customer logos or industry awards assuage prospects’ fears by assuring them they’re in good company. But see Ingredient #2 – don’t add so much that you create distracting clutter.

Ingredient #7

Don’t serve a sit-down meal to people on the go…

Simplify Your Landing Pages for Mobile

A whitepaper download or informational bullets might be interesting to a prospect on a larger monitor at home or in the office, but they could be a barrier to the good stuff on a phone. Consider eliminating all but the most essential elements from your landing pages for mobile display, displaying the CTA above the fold if at all possible.

When well-crafted landing pages and creative ads are the table, your prospects may just want to dig in and find out more. If you don’t have the time or inclination to toil in the PPC kitchen, the Master Chefs at Ridge Marketing, a full service marketing agency, can take your ingredients, add a dash of our special sauce and deliver a campaign you’ll be proud to serve up. Contact us to learn more.

Illustrations by Freda Moore, copyright Ridge Marketing.

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