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The Hottest Colors in Web Design and Marketing (and What They Do to Our Brains)

Rob Quincy

By Rob Quincy on February 15, 2019

Totally out of the blue – actually, it was assigned to me by a wise employee – I’ve decided to revisit our popular “Cool Color Ideas” blog post from years ago to update it with today’s color trends and discuss the impact they’ll likely have in 2019. If you follow this simple color blueprint in your marketing materials, your competitors will surely be green with envy.


What is UX and Why Should You Care

Freda Moore

By Freda Moore on January 8, 2019

User Experience (often called UX design) is not a new concept—the first mention of it in its modern usage is from 1987—but in recent years it seems to be quite the buzzword in web design. Whereas content creation, graphic design and web development are all familiar to the average business owner, UX design and research can be a bit harder to get a high-level view of. However, gaining a basic understanding of the concept reveals the true importance of optimizing UX on every website, no matter how simple or complex.


Website Design and Development Takeaways from SmashingConf

Freda Moore

By Freda Moore on November 26, 2018

This year in New York City, Smashing Conference focused on UX (user experience) design and front-end development. While many people think website design and development are very different areas, I came away with a new understanding of the similarities between the two disciplines. At a full-service marketing agency, new ideas like this are what keep us fresh and producing cutting-edge work. That said, good ideas deserve to be shared!


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