How to Create a Call-to-Action Your Web Visitors Can't Ignore

By on September 12, 2014

A call-to-action tells your visitors what you want them to do next and gives them a reason to do it – request a quote, download a white paper, or fill out a contact form. It’s the key to turning web visitors into leads, and it’s extremely important to your overall marketing effort.

Well-designed and thoughtfully placed calls to action can increase your click through rate dramatically, complementing your web design and marketing. Here are a few tips for creating call-to-action buttons your web visitors just can’t ignore:

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Appropriate Size
A call-to-action button shouldn’t overwhelm the page nor be so small they are hard to find. It should be the largest button on any given page, if possible. Smaller buttons can be highlighted with contrasting colors while larger ones won’t overwhelm the page if their color complements the main colors.

Negative Space
Sometimes, what can draw the most attention is nothing at all. Incorporating negative space around your text or pictures will make it stand out from the rest of the page and focus attention on the content.

Different Shapes
Round shapes tend to call a little more attention than rectangular ones. Also consider a different, unexpected shape like a cloud. On most websites, these shapes will stand out more than the traditional square or rectangle.

Disruptive Colors
Try a completely different color. If your website is blue and red, try yellow or green. If your website is blue and grey, try orange. Use the color wheel to find complementary colors, which are on opposite sides. Complementary colors provide an appealing contrast that will be sure to attract your visitor’s attention. For a primer on color schemes and what different hues say to our subconscious, click here.


Be clear, direct and succinct. Tell the person exactly what they will get using active words instead of passive ones. After all, it is a call to action. For example, “Try it for Free” is more compelling than “Free Trial”.

Create Urgency
The longer a person pauses before clicking, the less likely they will be to do so. “Buy Now” creates more excitement than simply “Buy”.

Limit Choices
Giving your viewers a lot of choices may seem like it will make them more likely to click, but the opposite is true. If a viewer pauses to consider all the options, they may loose interest and click away.

Regardless of your website design, a call-to-action is vital to get your viewer to interact and explore. As a full service advertising agency, Ridge Marketing has the knowledge and talent to create calls-to-action, and entire websites, that deliver.

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