Why You Need a Social Media Content Marketing Calendar

By on March 20, 2018

Like an editorial or campaign calendar, a social media content calendar is a great tool for planning and organizing your upcoming content. For us here at Ridge Marketing, it is a key component of our social media marketing services and a best practice that every social media manager should leverage.

While trending stories and events will always arise, it’s important that you plan ahead with a social media calendar that aligns with your sales and marketing efforts for that month. However, this doesn’t mean that all of your content should be self-promoting and salesey. Social media users want to see your brand's personality. You should be answering the question, "What value can you bring to my life?"

A social media content calendar can help you do just that while streamlining your content based on your marketing goals and the expectations of your followers. Here's why you need to create one every month.


1You’ll Never Miss an Important Date

What key dates matter to your business? As a full-service marketing agency, it's important that we plan for website launches, content marketing campaigns and client events. For your business, it might be holidays, community events or product launches. Once you've noted these dates, it's time to plan your content and execution.

Will you be sharing an infographic, a video, a blog post or something else? On which platform(s) will you share your content? Will you share this with specific industry professionals or publications (i.e., in LinkedIn groups)? Can you use any trending hashtags? Can you share this content multiple times?

BONUS: We use this National and Global Holiday Calendar by Hubspot to find fun holidays that may provide valuable opportunities for content creation on social media. Did you know March 4th is National Grammar Day?


2You’ll Become a Better Content Creator and Promoter

The more you post on various social media platforms, the more you’ll learn your audience. You may find that one type of content tends to generate more likes and shares compared to other types. Or you may notice that your audience typically engages with you more often during certain days of the week, or even during certain time slots. Maybe you'll find an infographic doesn't get as much response on Instagram as it does on Facebook. You should be able to measure results using your engagement reports.

The best way to grow as a brand on social media is through trial and error. Use your social media calendar to help plan your tests and modify it as you start to see results to optimize your presence. Through time you'll continue to see patterns in user engagement, and you will ultimately establish a consistent and authoritative brand voice.


3You’ll Save Time and Become More Organized

While it can seem tedious to plan a month in advance, a social media content calendar will ultimately save you time because you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to find content to share. Platforms like SproutSocial allow you to schedule your social posts ahead of time, making your life a lot easier.

Whether you work for a marketing agency or business, you're most likely expected to share your social media plans with your team. Even if you aren't required to, you should still consider sharing with your marketing team so that everyone stays in the loop - plus it's always good to encourage your employees to interact with and share your content to their professional networks.

Ensure your monthly calendar is streamlined by meeting with your marketing team before you create it as well as after. Touching base with other marketers in your company can keep all of your joint marketing efforts consistent and focused on the same goal. Your social media calendar will be a great visual tool in showing your content strategy across platforms.


So where do you go from here?

  1. Download our social media content calendar template.
  2. Fill in the important dates for your business.
  3. If you already use a social media management platform, you can pull reports to measure performance and gauge the optimal times to post and the types of content that work best for each platform.
  4. Finally, fill out your calendar. Happy posting!

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