Case Studies

Client Space:
Skin Care and Bath Products


exederm, a company offering ultra sensitive skin care and bath products formulated for sufferers of eczema, was hoping to rebrand its website to project a more consumer-friendly, reassuring feel. The website also needed to be easier to navigate and make information that appeals to both moms and doctors readily available. In addition, the site had to signal to the major retailers carrying or considering carrying the product line such as CVS, Walgreens, Target and Amazon, that exederm was a strong brand.


Ridge Marketing redesigned and rebuilt it on their existing Yahoo! store backend. (Ridge Marketing is currently investigating alternative ecommerce platforms for exederm.)

The redesigned website is easier to navigate and projects a more nurturing image with photography and content representing key target demographics: moms, babies, children and doctors. The coupon experience was redesigned, making coupons easier to find, download and use, driving more traffic to stores.

“Our redesigned website improved online sales steadily by 40% and made it easier for me to pitch shelf space at brick and mortar retailers.” - John Gardiner CEO, exederm


exederm’s redesigned site launched on January 15, 2014. The response to the new look and feel from retailers was overwhelmingly positive, and Walmart soon agreed to carry exederm in its stores. Web shoppers also showed their appreciation. Within the first month, traffic to the site increased by 32% and online sales rose 40% and have remained steady since.

Website year-over-year increases:

Overall traffic 32%
Unique visitors 31%
Page views 64%