How to Stay Relevant in Google: Feed the Penguin What It Wants

Rob Quincy

By Rob Quincy on June 21, 2012

In our last article, we took a look at some of the changes we’ve been monitoring in search results due to Penguin. Google’s new algorithm has caused significant waves in the SEO world, and if you don’t want to dive in the rankings, you’d better avoid these SEO tactics.

But how do you continue to stay relevant or, better yet, climb the search ladder? There are no shortcut solutions any longer, so we recommend focusing on the following:

  1. Get Search Engine Friendly: Do your research, know your winnable keywords, and make sure that your website contains them. Don’t stack, stuff or overuse them – just naturally craft your content to contain the words you wish to target in an honest way.
  2. Get Fresh: Now more than ever, there is no substitute for fresh, high quality, unique content. And the best way to do it? Create content that engages your customer. So write those blog articles, whitepapers and snippets and keep them coming. If you want to be relevant, there’s no escaping this time-consuming, essential task.
  3. Pay to Play: Between the lines here is the fact that, if you’re going to pay for placement, Google would much rather you pay them than pay someone to build unnatural links. Some level of pay per click advertising is and shall remain an important part of a well-rounded Internet marketing plan.

If you have any questions about what Penguin means for your business, if you’d like help navigating these frigid, turbulent SEO waters, or need help generating fresh content on a regular basis, please contact the Internet Marketing experts at Ridge Marketing.


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