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By on September 24, 2012

With over 800 million unique visitors per month and 4 billion views a day, YouTube cannot be ignored as a powerful Internet marketing tool. A short, unique video that is funny or memorable will grab the attention of your viewers and they may pass the link along to others. If you are really lucky, it could go viral and expose millions of people to your brand or company.

And a great video doesn’t have to be silly or shocking. An informational corporate video that details what your company does through images and narration can have a strong impact on sales as well. (For example, this is a video that we produced to help a client quickly describe their value to prospective clients:

But it’s important to keep in mind YouTube's high value to SEO...

YouTube is a Powerful SEO Tool

When posting videos you have the option to add a title, description and tags, all of which will be read by search engines. Each of these should include keywords. The title should contain the keyword most relevant to the video. Add several keywords to the description and include a link to your site. And don't neglect to use all of your relevant keywords as tags for the videos.

A lesser-known SEO tip is to include a captioning file. Captioning, or subtitling, is used to provide more information to those who cannot hear your audio. It is not required and most people don't include it because a separate file needs to be created with text to accompany the video. Search engines read these files, so this presents another keyword opportunity. Use keywords in the captions for each element of the video.

Your videos shouldn't exist for SEO alone, though. You want to make sure that people view your videos and share them, which will enhance your SEO efforts. To do that, they have to know the videos are there.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are a great place to promote your videos so more people watch and share your links. Post video links on social media sites with a brief teaser of what the video contains. Put the link on your blog or site as well. People who are already interested in you will want to see what else you are up to.

Take the time to read the comments about your videos and interact with your viewers. Whether they love it or hate it, viewers offer insight into not only your video, but your brand as well. Responding to the comments could get a dialog going. You'll find out what people think as well as establish a relationship with your brand.

Combining the creativity of your video with the structure of SEO will bring both increased awareness and increased rankings. What more could a marketer want?


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