Taking a Risk, Gaining Rewards

When third party risk management software company Prevalent needed to introduce new leads into the sales pipeline and entice the C-suite with compelling campaigns, they called Ridge Marketing.


Rebooting the Brand

A rebrand of all marketing collateral and a website facelift added gravitas with a clean and bold look.

Increasing Engagement Through Integrated Campaigns

A seven-month email Google Adwords and LinkedIn advertising campaign introduced nearly $700,000 into the sales pipeline resulting in:

400 new leads

80% open rate

Infographic Series

Ridge Marketing wrote and designed a series of infographics, making complex topics easier to digest at the beginning of the buyer’s journey. The pieces serve as gated assets on the Prevalent website and in pay-per-click advertising campaigns. A leading industry publication even ran one as a four-page spread, giving our client free impressions.

White Papers

We’ve also assisted with the development of white papers for use as gated assets that appeal to prospects further along the buyer’s journey.

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