Ridge Brings Quirky Character to Life for Brother Web Videos

Rob Quincy

By Rob Quincy on May 11, 2017

Our friends at Brother International tasked us recently with undertaking a website video production based around recent Buyers Laboratory testing revealing the dangers inherent in buying cheap, imitation toner. It turns out that the knockoff stuff can really gum up the inner workings of even the trustiest Brother printers – by leaking, exploding or worse. Who knew?!?

Here’s where it got tricky… what can you do to make a somewhat dry, technical concept fun and relatable when you’re not able to use photos or videos of products to make your point? And how do you get web video marketing to stand out and look polished on a modest budget? If you’re us, you tell the story through a fictional illustrated character.

Enter the lovable everyman named… wait for it… Steve.

Watch the video below and drop us a line to let us know what you think…



How We Got There

Feeling that an upbeat animated “cartoon” with a relatable character would appeal to a wider audience and garner more social shares than yet another technical video ever could, illustrator-in-residence Freda Moore and I produced a rough concept showing our idea for the main protagonist and pitched it to Brother. The newly christened “Steve” strode happily through approvals and off we went… writing scripts for 60-second and 30-second spots, designing an environment for Steve to inhabit (he works from home) and finding a quirky female narrator and fun music to bring it together. Then animator Daniela Solomon made it all move and added a bounce to Steve’s step (and just about everything else in the video).

In the video, Steve momentarily ponders purchasing cheap, imitation toner when it’s time to resupply his beloved Brother printer. Luckily, he has visions of the havoc such a decision might bring down upon his favorite hardware and instead makes the wise decision to purchase Brother Genuine Toner. Crisis averted and point made. Happy Steve, happy client.

Up next, Steve will step out of the video screen and into the real world in the form of acrylic standup displays for Brother booths at upcoming trade shows. Steve, we can’t wait to meet you. Then it’s on to more animated videos featuring Steve’s experience with the Brother Replenish and Amazon Dash programs. 

If your organization’s plans include website video marketing, please get in touch and let’s brainstorm some ideas.

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