Up All Night, Glow All Day

Taking advantage of the growing facial mask trend, the Reason*Y collection was developed to appeal to millennials and gen Z consumers. We created a spunky brand, packaging and web presence that young women with unique passions can identify with.

Developing a brand that speaks to the millenial consumer.

Ecommerce Website

This fun and sleek ecommerce website features colorful images, product bundles, social feeds, giveaways and more.

“I tried the PMS Knockout and loved it! It’s packed with product and what I really like is the pull tabs which make it so easy to open and apply.” — Joyce Lynn (@neverchillyn)

Package Design

After careful research, we wrote and designed packaging to speak directly to young consumers’ unique passions, activities and challenges. The colorful and whimsical look of each package was made to stand out in a retail setting.

Social Outreach

An outreach campaign offered product in exchange for organic non-sponsored posts by bloggers, vloggers and social influencers. A stream of posts, tweets and stories featuring custom lifestyle photography promoted the new brand and drove traffic to the ecommerce website.


social influencers on board


of content influencer generated


impressions in 4 months

Email Marketing

Colorful themed emails introduced the brand and brought deals to the inboxes of prospects.

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