“Ridge helped pull Taiki together into one consistent brand image, which was so successful that that brand image is now being rolled out to all of the other divisions of the company.”

Jim Perry
President & CEO, TaikiUSA

“Working with Ridge Marketing at Ansell over the last three years has been nothing but exemplary.”

Tom Paolella
Global Communications, Ansell

“Team Ridge:  Just a quick note thanking you all for the great work you did in creating our website, booth display, collateral, video, and yes, even by finding where we could get Rocket Pens!! The conference was a resounding success. We picked up several leads that will help us attain our goals next year and beyond. We were told, “you guys have really upped your game.” We owe much of that to our new marketing partners and I just wanted to let you all know that we appreciated your tireless efforts to make us look good."

Valiance Partners, Inc.

“Ridge Marketing has been my virtual marketing team. From developing campaign strategies to getting deliverables out the door, they have been a valuable resource for me and my organization, and they really took the time to understand our industry."

Stacey Calhoun
Director: Marketing
Taiki USA

“Our agency, Ridge Marketing, under Rob Quincy’s direction, did an outstanding job of designing and developing our website. Their clear understanding of how to build sites was coupled with an equally clear understanding of our brand. This has resulted in a beautiful site. Thank you, Greg, Eugene, Freda, Andrea, and of course, Rob, at Ridge."

Mary Tetlow
Chief Marketing Officer

"We hired Ridge because we knew we needed a significant improvement in our marketing and that we couldn’t accomplish this internally. The objectives at the outset were to build a new modern website, refresh our brand and increase our visibility in the marketplace. Within six months, Ridge acheived our objectives and meaningfully raised the profile of our firm."

Todd G. Povlich, ASA
MPI Business Valuation & Advisory

"We've gotten many compliments on our redesigned website and the team loves it. Our store orders have definitely increased since the site launch as well. If this trend continues, our retail volume is on track to double. Thanks once again for a job well done."

Matt Shapson
Extreme Broadband Engineering

"Working with Ridge Marketing was a great experience. They just get it. It didn’t take long for Rob and the team to get a sense of our company, how it worked and what we wanted to achieve. They infused a level of energy and excitement into the project, which blended perfectly with their vast creativity and technical efficiency."

Laura O’Donnell
Marketing and Client Relations Manager
Loran Associates, Inc.

“You guys just rock! The site looks awesome. Thoroughly pleased!! Many thanks to the team at Ridge for the superb web work.”

Debra Parrish
Executive Director
EIM International

“THANK YOU for all of your hard work and the exceptional talent that was put forward for our branding and roll out project. The logo and icons, the brochure, the two videos and the website page design make for an exceptional market roll out story. I just reviewed them with my sales team and they are extremely excited to have such professional tools to sell with.”

Leslie Brand
Vice President, Marketing
Wheelhouse Solutions

“Ridge Marketing delivered with style and acute attention to customer service. It is daily now that I receive praise from potential clients regarding our website. Ridge Marketing created a site that illustrated our brand accurately and increased our business volume.”

Jeff Evans
Owner, MountainVision Inc., World Renowned Mountain Guide and Corporate Speaker

"I am amazed at the polished video Ridge delivered for us. We’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback on the final result, and we couldn't be happier. The quality and subtle, yet impactful, nuances they were able to insert into both this video and all of their work for us is what sets them apart from their competitors."

Laura O’Donnell
Marketing and Client Relations Manager
Loran Associates, Inc.

“Our redesigned website increased online sales steadily by 40% and made it easier for me to pitch shelf space at brick and mortar retailers.”

John Gardiner CEO, exederm

“We have worked with Ridge Marketing for over three years and their design work consistently stands above the rest.  The team has the uncanny ability to take our business concepts and turn them into the perfect visual representations.  It is a true pleasure to work with the entire team!”

David Furth
President, Marketing
Leap the Pond

“Thank you to all the people at Ridge Marketing who helped get our new website off the ground. From day one you have made the experience as pleasurable as possible. Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and quality of service are unmatched in our opinion. I also noticed that you went above and beyond the Call of Duty when it came to writing copy. That is much appreciated.”

Joshua Wertheim
CEO, Wertheim Global Solutions