Marketing Strategy

From positioning and planning to execution and results, we can help impact your
bottom line.

Who are your customers?
What are their needs?
What are the best channels for reaching them?

We’ll work as part of your team to tackle these questions and more, creating an effective strategy that fits your budget and builds your customer base.

Are you the lone marketer in your organization?

We can be your virtual team, helping you define and achieve your goals. Have a full marketing staff? We can fill in the gaps – managing your website, spearheading your search engine strategy, or producing videos, among other things. Flexible and easy-to-work-with pretty much sums us up.

We do, however, feel strongly that attracting customers is only the first step to any marketing strategy. Interaction and loyalty building is key. Our circle of engagement below demonstrates how to maximize the effectiveness of marketing in the digital age.

Attract Customer, Interact with Customer, Remind Customer

What Our Clients Say:

“Ridge Marketing has been my virtual marketing team. From developing campaign strategies to getting deliverables out the door, they have been a valuable resource for me and my organization, and they really took the time to understand our industry."

Stacey Calhoun
Taiki USA
Director: Marketing

Results and Achievements

Professional on Staff


American Graphic Design Awards Multiple Winner


Rutgers Center for Management Development Digital Marketing Certified


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