Marketing Strategies You NEED to Try This April Fool’s Day

By on April 1, 2019

In today’s world where our consumers have to deal with so much noise, it’s up to us as marketers to stand out from the crowd. How can we do that? By being different. Here are some ideas you’ve got to try.


If you’ve ever seen the movie The Wizard of Oz, you’ll remember the iconic scene when the Wicked Witch of the West wrote “Surrender Dorothy” in the sky. This is a perfect example of a simple call to action with punchy copy. The message was targeted – sent to a specific and segmented audience - and left no ambiguity about what next steps they should take.

Unfortunately, as a third party, we only saw one Dorothy’s response to the message and she ultimately didn’t convert. However, we cannot say with certainty that there weren’t other people named Dorothy out there who saw the message and did in fact surrender, so we cannot say with absolute certainty how successful this campaign was. Still, the fact that marketers are still talking about this tactic today means that the Wicked Witch was doing something right, even revolutionary for its time.

Face Tattoos

Lil Pump, Lil Xan, Post Malone, Offset, 21 Savage. Love them or hate them, these rappers have paved the way for a new trend in pop culture by bring face tattoos into the mainstream. Between the five of them, they also have over 54 million followers on Instagram.

In the age of Instagram influencers and native advertising, the brand exposure resulting from even just one performer adding your company’s logo, product or slogan to his or her skin is indescribable. Every single selfie they post online, every interview and every public appearance would be a boost to your brand and drastically improve recognition. We’re all looking for ways to go viral on social media – folks, this is it.

Be Annoying

Have you ever had a solicitor knock on your door while you’re having dinner? Or get a call from a restricted phone number multiple times a day to tell you that you’ve won a cruise? Or handed you a flyer for a nightclub you’ve got no interest in attending? I know I have.

What do all those tactics have in common? They’re all deploying one-on-one marketing that DEMANDS your attention and directly asks for your business. There’s no better way to make a person feel special than to invade their personal space when they’re trying to relax or do something else entirely. You will be remembered for all the right reasons with nearly a 100% probability that he or she will mention your company to their friends and family. If you’re really good at this, you’ll even get a shout out on social media!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

We weren’t kidding when we said earlier that brands are all looking for ways to stand out – but we don’t really believe that these kinds of strategies are game-changing ideas you should deploy right away.

Instead, do what works: identify and clearly promote your key differentiators to your target audiences using compelling content and messaging. Joking aside, if you need help doing any of that, we’re right here. And, we promise we won’t actually pitch any of these ideas!

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