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3 Key Metrics for Tracking Successful Meta Ad Campaigns

When measuring social media campaigns, a few metrics often dominate the conversation: engagement, followers, and impressions. While this data is helpful – especially in determining what kind of writin...

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Shopify GA4 Integration Explained

Google rolled out Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in March of 2022 and is planning to sunset Universal Analytics (UA) by July 2023. If you have a Shopify ecommerce website you might be wondering how to move ...

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How Pantone Mastered the Science and Business of Color

Growing up as the daughter of a graphic designer, it wasn’t uncommon to see little rectangular chips of color around the house. These little white paper boxes with color blocks and funny names were pi...

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Should You be Using a Pre-Made Website Template? The Pros and Cons

So, it’s time to build a new or update your existing website. You can create a custom-built website specifically for you and your business, but you’ve also heard about pre-existing website...