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Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics 4

Samantha Goddard

By Samantha Goddard on May 3, 2022

With millions of businesses relying on Google Analytics to track user activity on websites, mobile apps, and offline APIs, Google’s reporting tool has become THE industry standard for website analytics. Most marketing teams (ours included) use Google Analytics to help monitor their digital marketing channels, measure campaign results and track KPIs.

Change, however, is on the horizon. Google recently announced that Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will be fully replacing the current version – Universal


Email List Cleaning Part 2: See the Sparkling Results

Jay Harris

By Jay Harris on April 1, 2022

We previously looked at why it is more important than ever to deep clean your email list now. We reviewed simple tactics for doing so and explained how this exercise will improve your email sender reputation and deliverability to help you reach more people with your marketing messages. If you missed part 1, learn about jump-starting your email marketing efforts here.

Even if you’re already familiar with Ap


(Logo) Crimes and Misdemeanors

Jerry Yanavok III

By Jerry Yanavok III on February 10, 2022

It’s Super Bowl week! The matchup is set and millions will be watching as the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals go toe to toe at Sofi Stadium for the NFL’s highest honor, winning the Lombardi Trophy. It appears the big game is also going to be downright more violent than ever before. At least, that’s what this year’s unintentionally grisly Super Bowl logo seems to imply.


How Apple’s iOS 15 Update Will Change Email Marketing

Jay Harris

By Jay Harris on September 20, 2021

Apple’s iOS 15 update is here, and it promises to change email marketing.

Why? Because the update includes changes to privacy protections, which might be warmly welcomed by the consumer in all of us but loathed by businesses with advertising needs.


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