Digital Marketing Takeaways from SEGD’s XLab Conference 2017

Recently, I attended the Society of Experiential Graphic Designer’s 2017 XLab conference at The School of Visual Arts. A yearly conference, this year’s theme was the future of design. In one jam-packed day with 5 sessions and 14 speakers, there were in- depth conversations about where experiential graphic design is heading, the innovations we’re already seeing, and the disruptive technologies that are increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives.

The conference helped reinforce the importance of some of the digital marketing innovations we’re already implementing here at the barn, but hearing from other studios and design leaders is always an excellent source of inspiration and an opportunity…

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Your next full service marketing agency

Don’t Hire a Marketing Agency Until You Ask These 8 Questions...

Don’t Hire a Marketing Agency Until You Ask These 8 Questions...
By Rob Quincy | November 6, 2017

Many of us here at Ridge, a full-service marketing agency based in NJ, have experienced life on both sides of the client-agency relationship during our careers, so we understand how critical it is to find the right agency partner. Choose poorly and the results you seek may never materialize, your budgets could be bled dry by upcharges, or your time could be wasted managing junior resources.

But get it right and your new marketing agency partner will become a seamless extension of your in-house team, leading the way to real results and taking your direction while checking their egos at the door.

Attention all CMOs, marketing directors and managers… here are eight questions you…

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social media influencers

Social Media Influencers and Digital Marketing

Whether or not you actively sought them out, you’ve very likely come across numerous social media influencers while browsing online. The social media influencer is the YouTuber testing foundation makeup. Or the gamer streaming the latest release. Or the traveling couple posting vacation shots for millions of blog followers.

Social media influencers have established credibility in a specific industry, which they use to help build relationships between brands and consumers via a blog and/or social media platforms.

Using influencers as part of your digital marketing strategy can help you reach new consumers and increase brand awareness via a familiar and trusted source. The more people are…

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better content creation services from employees

5 Tips to Get More and Better Blogs from Employees

Blogging can be an extremely effective way to drive more traffic to your organization’s website while helping to establish your credibility on a trending topic. Finding a happy balance of content generated by marketing communications teams and business leaders or subject matter experts can ensure that your blog has a steady stream of interesting, relevant and timely content.

Unfortunately, recruiting subject matter experts (SMEs) outside of the marketing team can seem like pulling teeth. Sometimes it’s a bandwidth issue; sometimes it’s misconceptions about what is expected of an author. Ultimately, SME experience and knowledge can be an incredible resource – one that marketing shouldn’t pass up.

Here are some tips on how…

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Switching Off: How Not Designing Can Make You a Better Designer

Switching Off: How Not Designing Can Make You a Better Designer
By Rose Arenas | September 6, 2017

Like most designers, I don’t really have an OFF switch. My mind is a constant flurry of movement, seeking inspiration or trying something new to spark the next great idea. I am always looking to improve the designed world around me and use my experiences to help our clients put their best design foot forward.

But constantly being ON does have its downsides; if not dealt with correctly, it can have a drastic effect on creativity and growth as a designer. Fortunately, this can be avoided simply by stepping away and refocusing on another completely different task.

Having a hobby or activity outside of work that isn’t strictly design-focused can actually help…

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social media management

4 Tips for Creating a Killer Brand Instagram Page

4 Tips for Creating a Killer Brand Instagram Page
By Meagan Warner | August 10, 2017

For proper Social Media Management (SMMs) in 2017, it’s almost required to have experience managing an Instagram page. The platform has become essential to marketers, and more and more businesses are getting on board the Instagram wagon.

Below are 4 tips I’ve found these to be quite helpful in prepping and launching a brand Instagram page.

Instagram most popular social media platform

Before you plan anything, you need to study the brand you’re charged with promoting.

When it comes to social media management, especially on Instagram, consistency…

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