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Alternative (Text) Facts

We’ve heard a lot about alternative facts and fake news lately, but I’m here to tell you about a more serious issue (for websites, anyway): alternative text. I frequently get asked about alternative text during website maintenance training. This typically occurs when I start discussing uploading, managing, and editing images.

Alternative text, or alt text, is an image attribute that helps describe an image with words. It is intended to help visitors who use software called screen readers. Screen readers do exactly as you would imagine: they read or describe what is on the screen for people who are not able to see it otherwise. While alt text is very important for the visually impaired, there are other benefits as…

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Win New Customers in 2018 with These Proven Techniques

A whole lot happened this past year at the full service marketing barn and, as we look back, three tactics stand out as being the most effective: marketing automation, infographics and video.

Marketing can be a tough nut to crack, so I’m excited to share the benefit of our experience below so that you too can be a marketing superhero who increases sales.

Marketing Automation Drives Prospects Down the Sales Funnel

Automated marketing campaigns can help you get the right piece of content to the right reader at the right time. Whether you want to increase website traffic, increase sales or encourage your current clients to be repeat buyers or enthusiastic…

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New People, Projects and Experiences Made it a Year to Remember

The new year is a time to put it into high gear here at the full-service marketing barn. There are rebrands to kick off and campaigns to launch, a multitude of messaging to craft and videos to spit polish and render. But hang on just a second before we hit the gas pedal once more… 

The week between 2017 and 2018 is always my time to reflect and assess. How’d we do? What did we learn? Did we grow? With that in mind, I took a spin through 2017… and oh what a year it was.

We started out of the gate strong by hiring our Marketing Communications Specialist, Laura Lenchitsky. Good marketing…

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Your Guide to Writing Killer Success Stories

Your Guide to Writing Killer Success Stories
By Laura Lentchitsky | December 13, 2017

Success stories are an important piece of any great content marketing strategy. They can breathe life into a brand with credible and true tales from actual customers sharing their experiences and real-world examples.

Prospects look to success stories because they show solutions to relatable struggles and how their business can improve by overcoming them. Success stories can also serve as proof points of your company’s capabilities. If a prospect reads a specific example of how your team solved a tricky issue with a creative solution, it can help build trust in your organization.

There’s a lot of opportunity behind producing this type of content. Here are some tips to really make your next success story a slam dunk.


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High Performing Websites – Why they They Matter.

High Performing Websites – Why they They Matter.
By Greg Dubois | November 28, 2017

When creating a new website, or updating an existing one, a lot of emphasis is put into the look and feel and the content. We consider colors, font sizes, concepts like “above the fold” and the tone of our messaging. However, that isn’t everything to a successful website – I’m talking about how websites are made and their overall performance. Sites that are slow to load or feel clunky to navigate through can have considerable negative effects on bounce rates and conversions.

Avoid TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) with a site that takes forever to load

The speed of your website is important and I want to share some best practices below that can help you…

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Digital Marketing Takeaways from SEGD’s XLab Conference 2017

Recently, I attended the Society of Experiential Graphic Designer’s 2017 XLab conference at The School of Visual Arts. A yearly conference, this year’s theme was the future of design. In one jam-packed day with 5 sessions and 14 speakers, there were in- depth conversations about where experiential graphic design is heading, the innovations we’re already seeing, and the disruptive technologies that are increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives.

The conference helped reinforce the importance of some of the digital marketing innovations we’re already implementing here at the barn, but hearing from other studios and design leaders is always an excellent source of inspiration and an opportunity…

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