Celebrating National Get to Know Your Customers Day

By on April 19, 2018

Fun fact about Get to Know Your Customers Day: We’re all set to celebrate on April 19, but this holiday is a recurring event observed on the third Thursday of each quarter. While companies should be thinking about their customers all the time, Get to Know Your Customers Day is a great excuse to take a step back and take a fresh look at your data. After all, the more you know about your customers, the less you have to worry about losing them.

Here’s what you can do to commemorate this day.

1Perform a branding exercise to confirm your target customers

Whether your brand is new or has been on the market for decades, conducting a review of your branding and messaging can ensure everyone is on the same page with updated, relevant information. Here are some first steps you can take:

  • Talk with your sales reps to learn more about who they’re selling to and what those contacts care about
  • Interview customers and prospects and update (or create) your buyer personas
  • Revisit (or perform) SEO research to discover what search terms your customers and prospects are using
  • Set up social listening to monitor what your customers share and discuss online


2Learn about their preferences and buying habits

Once you’ve identified your audience, learn everything you can about them. Primary research such as data from surveys, focus groups or interviews can help answer specific questions about your audience. The more you talk to them, the more you'll understand their needs and what will drive them to make a purchase, recommend you to a friend or leave a review.


3Educate yourself and stay up-to-date

Secondary research can provide even more insight and help you make informed assumptions. Reading credible marketing and sales publications can help keep you abreast of new and changing market trends. Here are some of our favorites:


4Meet with them face-to-face

Hosting an event can provide some valuable one-on-one time with customers. Consider treating customers or prospects to dinner or a fun outing. Not only will you show them that you’re interested in them or grateful for their business, but you can also learn more about their pain points.


5Get personal in your interactions

After five years in retail, trust me when I say that personalizing a conversation with a client can make a huge difference. We all want to feel appreciated and validated, and your customers are no exception. What does that mean for marketers? If your tools allow, try including dynamic information (first name, company name, etc.) to help establish rapport with your communications. Post relevant content on your blogs and social media that customers are going to want to engage with and share. The more they interact with your brand, the more you’ll get to know them.


6Make Get to Know Your Customers Day a recurring effort

Instead of celebrating just on April 19 (and then again in July, October and January), let’s make every day Get to Know Your Customers Day. Creating and executing a communication and brand strategy that incorporates customer research, content creation and social media interaction will help build engagement, trust and loyalty. In the end, the effort is always worth it.


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