The Journey Begins

A major player in the 85-billion-dollar toy industry tasked Ridge Marketing with writing, designing and developing the online home for the world traveling and adventurous Journey Girls.

Character Development

With no TV series to promote the line and limited space on the packaging to tell a story, it was important that the new website develop the history and character of each doll–what they like, what their talents are and their adventures. To that end, we crafted a detailed profile for each girl in the line.


Ridge Marketing created this highly interactive, colorful and animated website for the Journey Girls to give children and parents a portal into a world of interactive play.

Journey Journals

To allow children and their parents to dig deeper, we ghost-wrote journal entries in the voice of the girls themselves. Each Journey Girl was given a specific writing style to make them unique and believable. Our team enjoyed getting into the mindset of each doll and sharing adventures and fun activities with kids.

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