“Ridge helped pull Taiki together into one consistent brand image, which was so successful that that brand image is now being rolled out to all of the other divisions of the company.”

Jim Perry
President & CEO, TaikiUSA

“Working with Ridge Marketing at Ansell over the last several years has been nothing but exemplary. They’ve traveled around the world to support key initiatives and they always deliver on time and on budget.”

Tom Paolella
Global Communications Director, Ansell

“The professionalism, enthusiasm, and quality of service of the people at Ridge Marketing is unmatched in my opinion. They do what they say they’re going to do and go above and beyond more often than not.”

Joshua Wertheim
CEO, Wertheim Global Solutions

“Ridge Marketing has been my virtual marketing team. From developing campaign strategies to getting deliverables out the door, they have been a valuable resource for me and my organization, and they really took the time to understand our industry."

Stacey Calhoun
Director of Marketing, Taiki USA

We are extremely pleased with Tingley’s digital marketing partnership with Ridge Marketing. Together we’ve really enhanced the volume and quality of our content; refreshed our brand and increased our customer touches significantly. Ridge cares about the work they do and have taken our digital marketing efforts to the next level.

James P. Towey
Vice President of Marketing, Tingley

“We asked Ridge to do everything for us from a website redesign to revised and refined messaging, SEO, PPC and more. Their specialists are true professionals, they care as if they worked here, and we couldn't be happier with the results.”

Paul Ruderman
CEO, All American Healthcare

“Our redesigned website increased online sales steadily by 40% and made it easier for me to pitch shelf space at brick and mortar retailers.”

John Gardiner
CEO, exederm

“We’ve picked up several leads that will help us attain our goals next year and beyond and have been told, ‘you guys have really upped your game.’ We owe much of that to our marketing partners at Ridge and their tireless efforts to make us look good.”

Tom Witmer
VP of Business Development, Valiance Partners

"Ridge dramatically improved our website; their team is professional to work with, responsive to all of our feedback and the upfront marketing and positioning work was very valuable to the end result."

Devon Harrell
Project Manager, Patriot Properties

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