Twitter 101

By on August 6, 2012

People go on Twitter for information, so why not give the people what they want? Direct them to your blog content, other people’s content that relates to your business, or current promotions. The key is information. It’s not about you just blabbering on about your own business. When you share useful information, people will want to connect with you.

Hashtag Rules

Using a hashtag is how people will find your tweet. For example, Ridge Marketing often uses #marketing or #webdesign. You are much less likely to be found for a certain keyword if you don’t use a hashtag.

To find out what hashtags you should be using, try these ideas:

  • Think of some keywords for your business and search for them in Twitter. You’ll see what other people are tweeting about and what other hashtags they are using.
  • Check to see what is popular.
  • See what your competitors are using.

Make sure you use the proper format for hashtags. For example, “#social media” looks like “#social” to Twitter. It should always be one word – like #socialmedia or #RidgeMarketingistheBest.

Use about 2-3 hashtags per tweet maximum. It’s no fun to read something like this: #SocialMedia, #WebMarketing and #WebDesign #tips from #NewJersey based #design #company @RidgeMarketing.


How to Get More Followers

  1. Follow other people. When you follow people that share your interests, they’ll probably follow you back.
  2. Tweet interesting things. If your stuff is really interesting, people will find it and they will want to remember you. That’s the big secret. Seriously, that’s it. Be interesting!



Say thank you when someone retweets your content or says something nice about you. This is especially important when you’re small. When thousands of people start re-tweeting your content, you don’t have to thank each person. But, if it’s a few people a week, you should say thank you. They’ll appreciate it!


About Ridge Marketing

Ridge Marketing is an agency that specializes in crafting creative digital assets and using websites, search, advertising and email to ensure that the right prospects interact with your brand and become loyal customers.